Old-timer Volvo Parts

Because we reproduce and overhaul parts in-house, we are able to deliver Volvo parts cheaper than other providers are. In addition, thanks to many years of experience with Volvo parts, we have a thorough knowledge of whether Volvo replacement parts are suitable for your Volvo or not.

For this good reason, we send parts all over the world.

Every week our Volvo parts web shop contains more photos and more Volvo parts. You will not only find parts for the Volvos Amazon, PV544, PV444, P1800 and 140, but also for the Volvos 245, 740, 850, V70 and S80 you are at the right place.

Click on classicvolvoparts.com for Scandcar’s Volvo parts web shop.

In the Netherlands shipments will be delivered within 24 hours.

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