Scandcar was the owner of a 1938 Volvo PV51. This car used to be driven by the Swedish police until 1947. They then re-sprayed it in a deep dark blue colour and sold it to a Swedish family, who used it, daily until well in the 60s. It then ended in an old barn. A close friend from Sweden discovered the car in 1995 and brought the car to Scandcar. As far as Scandcar is aware, this 1938 Volvo PV51 is the oldest Volvo in the Netherlands. It still has the 1947 paint on. In the meantime, this beauty has found a new owner.

If you have something available from that period, or are you looking for Volvo parts from years gone by, then please contact Scandcar. Scandcar has worldwide contacts with peer Volvo enthusiasts.

Scandcar’s latest acquisition is a PV60 taxi. During summer holidays, the Scandcar family will tour with this car in Sweden.

Unfortunately, there are not many specific parts  for the older models available anymore; however, Scandcar has many connections from which they can still source original parts. Some of the older parts can be found under 444-parts.


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